If a watch could speak, it won’t just talk to you and tell the time; but also to the rest of the world and tell them who you are. Through the office meetings and the morning jogs and those evening parties, you aren’t just donning a timepiece, but rather your identity on your wrist.

So, ever wondered what your watch tells about you?

We tried figuring out the attributes related to watch designs; or might we say – ‘watch-faces’ in a smart connected world. It’s a compilation made in jest, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Or sugar. However you like your lemonade!


The Adventurer

The explorers who are constantly on the move, in quest of discovering new places, people, cultures and ways of life. They are the ones for whom life does not start till the going doesn’t get tough enough. With zilch respect for the boundaries, physical or psychological, they move freely across the terrains of this beautiful planet.





The Designer

Fuelled by passion and zeal to change the world, these are the people with a knack to create extraordinary things. Extreme attention to detail and intuition are inherent in their personalities. They see design in everything and what matter to them is the way design has an impact on people’s experience.





The Thinker

They are the visionaries, the thoughtful philosophers, who delve into the deeper aspects of life to draw their own conclusions. Not surprisingly, their biggest motivation is curiosity. Independent of social relationships, acknowledgement of their work by others does not play a role.





The Artist

Their imagination stretch beyond the limitations of what is defined as real by normal human perceptions. Such people not only tend to, but also have a need to, drive across deeper meaningful message through their work of art.





The Entertainer

The super talented individuals who use their creative genius to develop and perform pieces, that’s relatable to the common kind. Bubbling with confidence, they have the ability to convincingly create a make believe world. Adaptability comes naturally to them and their skill is just a medium for them to express.





The Leader

The bold, audacious and pragmatic individuals, who have the calibre and the responsibility to influence a broader set of people. With the idea of being a voice rather than a mere echo, they lead the pack and evoke reverence with every step.





The Trendsetter

These are the dynamic individuals who are willing to experiment, take risks and adapt. They have an effortless and admirable way of doing things. Typically the early adopters, they are the ones responsible for making things big.




The Geek

The left-brainers who break down instances of life and imagine them in a mathematical and scientific paradigm, broken down to bits and atoms. They have their (sometimes idiosyncratic) understanding and opinions of smaller and larger things in life.