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A Tale of Chan, Chopsticks and China..

‘The Land of the Red Dragon of Asia’, a land just across the border of India is intriguing to most, but it has been particularly intriguing to those at Witworks. Being into the hardware products space, lots has been heard about China and how products are made there. The age old perception of “Chinese products” and the amazing products that sport the “Made in China” labels around us causes a dilemma of sorts. Folks working in the hardware products space, who had visited China earlier often returned with their own tales, accounts of their own experiences, which varied and further added to our interest in this land yet to be explored by us. Continue Reading →


Mumbai Rains, Chai, Pakora and a Parcel of Happiness..

“On 20th of June, 2015 we received a call from one of our customers, regarding an order that was about to be shipped back due to a mistake in the PIN Code entered while making the purchase. Given the requirement to have the customer’s Rewinds delivered on an urgent basis, we decided to do whatever it takes to get the order out to him. The same day, at the correct address, and in time.

The series of events, that unfolded thereafter changed our perspective towards these great set of people we work with day in, and day out. Its about time, we took a moment to step back and salute them.

Thank you @Pigen, @Bluedart and all those delivery guys who beat the sun, rain, traffic, and who-knows-what-all to deliver that package you so dearly await.”

The next time, they ring the bell, do pay them back with a Smile. They have earned it! :) Continue Reading →


Thank you backers. You are truly awesome!

Trust us when we tell you this: You guys have created history.


In the past 30 days, you have helped get 1261 preorders and raise ~20 lacs in the Witworks Preorder for both Scrubbl and Trippy, making it the most funded product preorder campaign in India. Ever.

These numbers are unprecedented, and your faith and support in us has humbled us beyond words.

The above image contains the name of every single backer who took part in the preorder of Scrubbl and/or Trippy. It is a small token of our gratitude (amongst more to come) for giving us the confidence to do what we do: bring inventions to life.

The entire community’s efforts to raise a staggering ~11 Lacs for Scrubbl and ~9 Lacs for Trippy deserved a fitting conclusion. While it was not possible for us to make both the products, we have decided to go the extra mile and take the production risk to make (drum roll …)


WeAreMakingThis3 (1)

We are really proud and excited to get Scrubbl out to the world. You can keep yourself posted about all the developments on its page or on the Witworks Blog. Your rewards and Scrubbl are expected to reach you by August ’15.

As for Trippy, it has been kept on hold for the time being. All the backers for Trippy shall be refunded the entire amount paid for its preorder. We have updated our our FAQ section to answer any queries you might have in this regard.

Thank you so much again!

And last but not the least, a big big congratulations to Mrs. Bina Keshava on being our first inventor! Hope you great success in your quest to change the world . We thank you for Scrubbl :)


Thank You, AirAsia India


At Witworks, we are making a humble attempt to get new products to the world that can solve problems of people, and make it a better place to live.

Furthering this effort, we recently started a Pre-Order campaign to get enough backers and help ideas of Mrs. Bina Keshava and Mr. Omkar Kulkarni see the light of day. Scrubbl, invented by Mrs. Keshava, is a hand-held electric dish-washer; whereas Trippy, invented by Omkar, is a device that makes any speaker Wifi enabled. But beyond the concept of making cleaning utensils super-easy and streaming wire-free music, there was a bigger message that had to go across. The message that anyone and everyone today can invent, solve problems of users and put a significant dent in the universe by changing the way people do things across the world.

But for any paradigm shift to happen in a given space, you need houses and organizations who believe in the same vision and are willing to push boundaries. And thats precisely what AirAsia India has done today.

We are extremely excited, proud and grateful to announce that AirAsia India, the most progressive, agile and innovative organization in airline industry, has come forward to pick up a big box of Scrubbl & Trippy each. They shall be adding both the inventions to their in-flight catalog while supporting the two inventors reach their pre-order goals!

The products invented by two passionate inventors, will tomorrow be selling at 20,000 feet above ground with their names printed on it. And this is just the beginning. :)

Thank You, AirAsia!


Because Serendipity is But Unmasked Intention.

“Ultimately what I end up writing about is helplessness and the flipside of that, empowerment.”

- Joss Whedon


It was another fine morning, which we started with the usual rituals for the day of mails, coffee, tooth-brush (in that particular order). Days of the week do not really hold much meaning when you are in a start-up. At about 11 AM, a gentleman named Mr.Eswaran called us to enquire if we would be able to Continue Reading →


Our answer to changing the world

O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention. – William Shakespeare

If there is one quality that has been celebrated and hailed by visionaries throughout time, it is the sanctity of invention. The spark of creation that had led to humanity’s triumph over innumerable threats and inconveniences – from disease to boredom, Continue Reading →


Making of Rewind III: Manufacturing!

Make. Check for awesomeness. Repeat. 

This, is manufacturing. And we are here to give you a glimpse of how Rewind is going through this process as we speak.

In our last post, we left you with a surreal picture of our manufacturing team, scaling the length and breadth of this country to find reliable manufacturing partners. Continue Reading →