Old Macdonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O,

And on his farm he had a cow E-I-E-I-O


E-I-E-I-O, E-I-E-I-O


8:00 AM


In my deep slumber, I could hear the good old rhyme, buzzing as my alarm tune. Wait! Did I just say (or think, whatever), alarm? My eyes shut open with the mere thought. Within a minute, the curtains of the room were partially pulled up letting soft sunlight into the room. Just the right amount for my liking. As my eyes opened, the alarm stopped followed by an ever-enthusiastic – Good Morning, Preksha!


I picked up the smart-flask next to my bed to sip in freshly brewed hot coffee first thing in the morning. Between the sips, I couldn’t help but appreciate the ease in our lives. Courtesy, technology. My wrist gently buzzed to intimate that the geyser was at work to prepare for my shower.


Blog-poster-12-May-2016 (2)


9:00 AM


I came out of the shower and with the speaker playing my favourite morning tracks. It sure does know how to brighten up the start to a day. As I slid open my wardrobe, the speaker prompted, “It’s 32 Degree outside. You might want to wear the blue linen shirt and summer trousers”. I considered the suggestion, of course, but wore what I had in mind, anyway.


10:00 AM


I rushed to the kitchen for breakfast, and the toast was ready with poached eggs. Ignoring those, I opened the fridge eyeing that doughnut. Right as I was about to pick it, my fridge (sadly) prompted on the excessive sugar intake I already had for the week. So much so for good health! I got back to having the toast when my watch blinked to tell that cab was arriving, and I should start within 10 minutes to avoid the heavy traffic. Sometimes I wonder, what would I do, if not for that companion on my wrist to help me get through a perfect day!


11:00 AM


I got into the, well self-driving, cab and was pleasantly greeted by the AI bot in the car. It synced with my watch to gather my destination, confirmed the same with me, and started playing my favourite playlist in the background. I scrolled the bezel on my wrist to check the schedule for the day. Two meetings, one client visit, team huddle and guess we are sorted for the day. I quickly booked a table for 2 at the Italian restaurant for the evening and sat back to enjoy the music.


12:00 PM


On reaching the office, I entered my cubicle. The temperature and light inside were already adjusted to suit me. Such a relief from the heat outside! I settled on my chair and I took some time to scroll through the device and view the recent news, emails and messages projected on the wall. While on it, I got a reminder to fill the appraisal form, for which the deadline is tomorrow. My watch promptly asked me if I would like to do it first thing in the morning. Putting an affirmation to it, I started working on the plan to be presented at today’s meeting.


2:00 PM


Just when I thought it is turning out to be a nice productive day, a message came in – ‘Urgent Meeting at 3:00 PM, Floor 2’. The only silver lining being the quick note on my wrist ‘There are no free lunches in life, but that doesn’t mean you skip it’ – My watch at its rhetoric best. I pre-ordered lunch and headed towards the cafeteria before getting into the meeting.


4:00 PM


After a series of back to back meetings and some fruitful (or not) discussions, I was done with the day’s work. The minutes of the meeting along with the salient discussion points were captured by the mic on my wrist with a speech-to-text engine and have landed in my mailbox. Back to my cubicle, I started going through them to be able to plan the course of action.


7:00 PM


I was about to log out from office when my watch’s buzz alerted me that weather may play the trick while we were having dinner. Since I had made the reservation for open air restaurant, I moved it to indoor, but near a window to be able to enjoy the showers. Having done that I started walking towards the exit where my cab would be waiting.


9:00 PM


It always feels good to catch up with old friends; especially when it’s been a long time to provide enough food for talk. In between our animated chatter, I browsed through the menu on the table surface. The table auto-synced with the watch, and funnelled the items based on my diet chart and preferences. After a brief thought, I placed the order and we continued with our long impending talk.


This sounds both fictional and fascinating, doesn’t it! The exciting part being, with the developments in the connected devices space, we are gradually getting closer to this becoming a reality. Indeed, the devices being envisioned are smart enough to bring both convenience and efficiency in our lives. But the impact it could have by taking human lives to their next level of evolution is tremendous.

At Witworks, we are at an exciting juncture. With our firm belief in the change that the connected world will bring in, we are reimagining one such device in this story.




  • Rajib Gupta

    “Future” would be the wrong word. It’s kind of here already :)

    • Witworks Blogger

      Hey Rajib! Indeed, it is kind of here.
      Only the question remains is it deep entrenched in our daily life? We wanted to bring forth the impact widely connected world will bring in. Hope we gave you a glimpse.

    • Achita Khare

      Hey Rajib! Indeed, it is kind of here.
      Only the question remains is it deep entrenched in our daily life? We wanted to bring forth the impact widely connected world will bring in. Hope we gave you a glimpse.