Strange fascination, fascinating me

Changes are taking the pace

I’m going through


Oh, look out you rock ‘n rollers


…I said that time may change me

But I can’t trace time!

                               – David Bowie (1947 – 2016)


As I lie ensconced in the closet, with this song playing outside the room, I reminisce as I changed the TIME moving two needles to and fro. And in the same stride, TIME changed for me.


Ah, the Irony! By the way, I am a Watch.


People say (millennials, especially) that I have become an old antiquated accessory which is not-much-of-use today because of the cooler gadgets that have come to live. Yes, they talk of the same Smartphone which is lauded for being Jack of all trades, including my expertise – Timekeeping.


I was not always like this, though! 


Much desired heirloom


In the spring of my lifetime, I was a matter of pride for any family. To commemorate a person, event, or achievement I was amongst the first choices to be presented. I was either chosen with much affection from the most trusted brand or was passed on as a legacy from generation to generation, elevating my status to that of a timeless possession!




And what they say for wine, the older the better was true for me. Till, of course, Times changed, though I didn’t!


I wonder if they still say that for the wine?


Status symbol


At a point, I was associated with one’s image, fashion and status. I remember young chaps vying for me as a mark of ‘I have arrived’. I was being watched for (oh, the pun) on the wrist of who’s who and imitated, by the ones who desired be in the limelight.




Not to forget, the vanity in being an extension of owner’s personality. Yes, indeed, I was their way of expressing themselves. What could be more flattering than this!




Oh no, I was not just for the elite. In my heydays, a faulty movement or dead battery would make people scuttle to the watch repairers, desperate to restore the regular tick on their wrist. People loved me for functional reasons as well! How I aided the smooth functioning of day to day life. While catching a train, while writing an exam, while waiting for your beloved, and a myriad other such instances! I was people’s best companion to the extent of being a scapegoat at times.

Remember, the excuse made in front of your teacher about how you were late because your watch stopped!




Even now, I am a habit for few. Though the Smartphone took away the glory, people still wear me because they feel their wrist incomplete without me. But what worries me more is a ‘digital native’ with a mobile phone neither sees me as a legacy, nor a status symbol nor necessity. Habit? Well, they are too young for that.


So, is the watch story really trailing off, or is at a new juncture? Of course, people are divided on this, but we are on the optimistic side. Sure, the correct time is everywhere and on every device but the wrist is capable of showing one much more.


Here is the deal. Becoming relevant to the current generation and smarter than other devices is the best chance of a watch. It will be very appealing when a watch becomes everything great that a smartphone is and eludes to be everything unpleasant in a smartphone.


How different things would be then.


Imagine, what if your watch understands you and knows what information you need at what point of time. And you can book a cab, manage your day, track your heart rate, know which calls are worth picking up (or ignoring), which social notifications and messages are worth responding to and more. And yet, is every bit aspiring, inspiring and very importantly, exciting to own.


At Witworks, we ardently believe in the Watch Story 2.0 (coming to your nearest online theatres very soon) and its immense potential to change our lives for good. We believe that a device which helped land and space explorers, revolutionaries, doctors attain crowning achievements, is ready to tell the world the most amazing chapter of its life.


After all, You think you’ve seen the sun, but you ain’t seen it shine

The best is yet to come! Lets wait and well, watch.



  • Arkham Knight

    That 2nd last line tho.. I’ve heard it for the first time, gave me goosebumps !