“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”

- Friedrich Nietzsche


It has been quite a journey at Witworks and it’s been lovely to have you alongside all this while. Thank you so much for all the love, support and encouragement. And so, now it’s time for us to reciprocate.

At the core of Witworks, we have always looked forward to solving users’ problems through innovative, functional and beautifully designed products. We are deeply driven to implement modern day technologies to change the way people do things across the world; and at the same time provide an exceptional experience to our users.

Along these lines, we had launched our pilot product Rewind, a simple, yet intricately designed solution to the common problem of earphone cords entanglement. The product saw a phenomenal response, and each one of you played a role in making the attempt a success beyond our imaginations.

We designed and developed two more products: a hand-held dishwasher and a wifi based audio streaming device. And, we were overwhelmed by your response again! Throughout this journey, we have had our share of success and learnings, and it’s about time we take Witworks to the next level.

Come this January, and Witworks shall get into its new avatar of this country’s very own modern-day consumer technology company that builds the smart connected devices of the future.

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What this means for you?

Witworks shall now be engineering and designing it’s own range of products in the home and lifestyle space. As we step into a world that’s going to be more connected than ever, these devices would have the capability to interact with each other, your phone (the central control device) and to the relevant infrastructure around. The amount of things these devices can do is immense, and we would ensure to build the right set of applications and services to just suit your needs.

What this means for us?

While Rewind still stays available for orders (in fact, being the top selling product on Amazon in its category), we would be completely focussing on a new range of smart-devices; starting with a smart wearable scheduled for launch in early 2016. Lets just say, we are designing the most personal device for you. It would not just have the capability of integrating varied key services you use in your everyday life, but also provide a connected and seamless experience throughout. And help you get more ‘time’ out of your life.

We shall be constantly in touch with you with the updates on the product’s development process, have your feedback and possibly share the early set of devices to understand your needs and requirements better.

You can be a part of bringing this device to life and also become one of the early users to try it out!

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As we take this momentous plunge, we would need your support, well-wishes and help more than ever! We are en route redefining the way you engage with the gadgets and services in a modern day life. So, do stay posted for more updates from Witworks through our online/social channels, and help us spread the word.

Thank you so much, and once again happy to have you along! Lets build something phenomenal, together.