Dear fellow IIT/IIM students,


Firstly, congratulations on making it to one of the finest places to work in this country. You cracked the JEE, belled the CAT, lived your Euro-trip lives and if that was not enough, ‘flip’ped the HRs of India’s poster start-up to get into their Kart, on Day 1.


And then-Life happened!


By now the nation knows that your joining is delayed by 6 months. This was unthinkable. Unprecedented. But have a hand-on-your-heart moment, and think if it really is a disaster or a blessing in disguise? Remember the lemons and lemonades story!


After all, you have 6 months added to “your” life now. The question is, what would you do with it?


You could take that long impending trip to Ladakh (or is it Bhutan, these days). Write a book may be. Or finish that half-drawn painting lying in your closet. Cycle to Kanyakumari and back.


The bottom line is, you can do whatever you want and be your own master in this six months. If at all, with the December joining as a cushion, you could take a chance to do things differently. And we sincerely hope that you do so with this time!


Speaking of doing things differently; we, at Witworks, are attempting just that. We are a bunch of passionate engineers, designers, creators working days and nights to build the most impeccable wearable device for your wrists. With the aim of simplifying the way we interact with connected devices around us, access information and services; we are well en route making this idea a reality. After a 9 month marathon of product design, development, and production; we are making the last sprint to towards finish line. And while we are at it, we could surely do with some help from a bunch of smart folks like you.


Now coming back to the original question, are you up for it?
If yes, we would love to have you for a six months internship to be a part of our journey. Write to us on or and let’s get going!(More Details here:


Because if it were to be; this is the time for your “Tu Beer hai!” moment.


Team Witworks


P.S.We are located 5 blocks away from Flipkart’s Office on 80 Ft Road, Koramangala, Bangalore. So, if at all you decide to join Flipkart in Dec later this year, we shall help you move stuff.


Title Credits: TVF Qtiyapa, TVF Pitchers

Special Thanks: Flipkart, IIM Ahmedabad, The Times of India, The New Indian Express