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Why the world doesn’t need Apps anymore!

On an unassuming June day in 2007, the most valued company of today’s time introduced these square boxes for a 4-inch screen with a promise to make life simpler. To quite an extent, they did make doing everything under the sun easier – from calling a cab to throwing birds at pigs or chasing non-existent beings. Apart from redefining interaction on a touchscreen and building something truly beautiful, it opened a plethora of information, services and content that could be delivered right to your palm. And THAT, through tiny, unassuming icons on the screen. Icons that helped build billion dollar companies. Icons that created a new generation of developers. And icons that defined our everyday lives.




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I am a Watch, and this is My Story

Strange fascination, fascinating me

Changes are taking the pace

I’m going through


Oh, look out you rock ‘n rollers


…I said that time may change me

But I can’t trace time!

                               – David Bowie (1947 – 2016)


As I lie ensconced in the closet, with this song playing outside the room, I reminisce as I changed the TIME moving two needles to and fro. And in the same stride, TIME changed for me.


Ah, the Irony! By the way, I am a Watch.


People say (millennials, especially) that I have become an old antiquated accessory which is not-much-of-use today because of the cooler gadgets that have come to live. Yes, they talk of the same Smartphone which is lauded for being Jack of all trades, including my expertise – Timekeeping.


I was not always like this, though! 

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The Smartphone Generation: Life within a 5 Inch Screen




Haaave you met, Bill?

Bill is a great guy.

Bill records a concert he goes to, for his friends. He is always the first one to like a friend’s post on social media. He is always a call/text away. Be it in his deep slumber of sleep, while he is driving, or in the middle of a family outing. He always keeps looking for the next best smartphone or an update on his current one.

Basically, Bill is always on his phone. For everyone’s good, of course.

Bill is SMART.

Be like Bill.


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Into the (Connected) Future!

Old Macdonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O,

And on his farm he had a cow E-I-E-I-O


E-I-E-I-O, E-I-E-I-O


8:00 AM


In my deep slumber, I could hear the good old rhyme, buzzing as my alarm tune. Wait! Did I just say (or think, whatever), alarm? My eyes shut open with the mere thought. Within a minute, the curtains of the room were partially pulled up letting soft sunlight into the room. Just the right amount for my liking. As my eyes opened, the alarm stopped followed by an ever-enthusiastic – Good Morning, Preksha!


I picked up the smart-flask next to my bed to sip in freshly brewed hot coffee first thing in the morning. Between the sips, I couldn’t help but appreciate the ease in our lives. Courtesy, technology. My wrist gently buzzed to intimate that the geyser was at work to prepare for my shower.


Blog-poster-12-May-2016 (2)

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What does the Watch say?

If a watch could speak, it won’t just talk to you and tell the time; but also to the rest of the world and tell them who you are. Through the office meetings and the morning jogs and those evening parties, you aren’t just donning a timepiece, but rather your identity on your wrist.

So, ever wondered what your watch tells about you?

We tried figuring out the attributes related to watch designs; or might we say – ‘watch-faces’ in a smart connected world. It’s a compilation made in jest, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Or sugar. However you like your lemonade!


The Adventurer

The explorers who are constantly on the move, in quest of discovering new places, people, cultures and ways of life. They are the ones for whom life does not start till the going doesn’t get tough enough. With zilch respect for the boundaries, physical or psychological, they move freely across the terrains of this beautiful planet.



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World leaders and their timepieces

If there is one thing, we wouldn’t mind our global leaders to have a difference of opinions on, it is their personal taste in things. And what better way to define such tastes, than observing the kind of wrist watches they all don. So, while David Cameron believes that ‘Gentlemen don’t wear jewellery’, his counterparts from  other parts of the world, well,  visibly disagree. Irrespective of their political agenda being populist  or development focussed (or plain non-existent), most of them draw consensus on the fact that a wristwatch, however subdued or exorbitant, makes a statement.

From Mahatma Gandhi’s humble pocket watch to Nelson Mandela’s Tissot, this piece of personal accessory never goes unnoticed. For the love of watches, we tried to delve into timepieces our leaders wear while they are busy changing the world for better times.


Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India


Our very own Mr. Prime Minister, whose rags to riches story is an inspiration to many, relies on American Watchmaker Movado for time keeping. One of the most popular and influential Indians of all times and arguably the most stylish among the existing ones, he wears his style on his sleeves ( literally).



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Brief history of Time (Pieces)

Wristwatches have now become a fashion statement for people around the globe. From the likes of analog watches to digital watches and now smartwatch, the market has been dominated by a number of players making it big. People are willing to spend thousands of rupees to buy the desired time piece for their wrist.

But, how did it all happen? How did watch come into existence? When did people start wearing them? There are a number of questions that may force us to think of its history. In this blog we share with you a brief history of watches.

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Not Now: An Open Letter to Sundar Pichai

Dear Sundar,

Firstly, thank you so much. We cannot stress enough on how proud we are of your work, your humility, your dedication, and of course your designation as the CEO of Google. It has affected my life personally in more ways than you would imagine.

For starters, it has been a welcome change to have conversations with the first floor aunty go from ‘Wo Kejriwal tumhare college ka hai na?’ to ‘Kya Google ka head aapke college ka hai?’ She has been nicer to me and stopped hanging wet clothes on her balcony so that it doesn’t drip on my steps. I am thankful to you for that.

Hence, when I came across this article: Android N could be named after an Indian dessert, I got concerned and felt it to be my fraternal obligation to offer you my random expert advice on the subject. This open letter comes from me, from one man to another, from one nerd to another and from one KGPian to another.

You see Sundar, the most crucial factor in some of the key things in life, say clicking the perfect picture, cooking Baigan-bharta, hitting a copy book cover-drive, reaching an orgasm and almost everything interesting in life… is timing. Life throws opportunities at you, and you have to grab them. At the right time. Like Patanjali did when they launched Ramdev Baba’s noodles last summer, or Rakhi Sawant did by building her entire career on a kiss. Timing is the key, Sundar, and am sure you would know that!

You had the opportunity to name Android ‘L’ whatever you wanted: Laddoo, Lassi, or even Ledikeni (that’s a Bong sweet named after ‘Lady Kenny’ by the way). But instead you went for what – Lollipop, the most uncreative sweet that’s basically a mass of sugar. Life threw another chance at you with ‘M’. And you could have gone with Mithai, Modak, Malpua, Misti Doi (Bongs, sweet Bongs!).

But no, you went for Marshmallow: something that tastes like a sponge dipped in rose water, no match for the valorous M-Indian sweets.

And now you wake up, wanting to go all Swadesi at the most trickiest letter. It’s a trap, Sundar, it’s a dead end, a Zugzwang! I know you were in the mid of a bunch of (the fairytale) DU girls, and couldn’t resist making a promise. But then, it doesn’t really impress anyone if you come too soon. Does it?

Can you think of one Indian sweet beginning with letter N? Hun? ‘N’o? Take your time, no please do.


You cannot; because I have spent hours researching on Wikipedia, Quora, even Yahoo Answers; not a single decent name: ‘N’othing, ‘N’ada, ‘N’one, ‘N’ope, Hobe ‘N’a. Twitter came out with lame suggestions like Nimbu Pani (which isn’t even a sweet or sweet as the KGP mess made it, remember?). There was Nariyal Barfi and Naan Khatai but the thing is: they spoil the ‘aesthetic beauty’ by being compound words. The word we are looking for is elegant, cute, simple and short: like ‘N’eil, ‘N’itin or Mukesh.

So Sundar, my advice would be to hold those horses for a bit and let those Angrez have it this time. You could just ask Larry for suggestions this time: there’s Nutella, Nougat, Nutberry? Well.

I suggest you also pass ‘O’, and wait till ‘P’ and we shall have bountiful options: Peda, Petha, Pinni, Pitha, Pakoda (made with sugar), Pooranpoli, and so on.

So Sundar, I hope you consider the suggestion and save yourself from this stalemate. I make a good consultant you see (possible hiring?). Although, I kind of like my current job making cool stuff at Witworks; but they are way poorer, and don’t offer a fancy colorful cap upon joining the team.

Let me know when you are in the country next time, and we could catch up over a coffee may be. I am really interested to know what Google is up to next, Alphabet, whatever.


Your Fellow Alumnus

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A Tale of Chan, Chopsticks and China..

‘The Land of the Red Dragon of Asia’, a land just across the border of India is intriguing to most, but it has been particularly intriguing to those at Witworks. Being into the hardware products space, lots has been heard about China and how products are made there. The age old perception of “Chinese products” and the amazing products that sport the “Made in China” labels around us causes a dilemma of sorts. Folks working in the hardware products space, who had visited China earlier often returned with their own tales, accounts of their own experiences, which varied and further added to our interest in this land yet to be explored by us. Continue Reading →