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Why the world doesn’t need Apps anymore!

On an unassuming June day in 2007, the most valued company of today’s time introduced these square boxes for a 4-inch screen with a promise to make life simpler. To quite an extent, they did make doing everything under the sun easier – from calling a cab to throwing birds at pigs or chasing non-existent beings. Apart from redefining interaction on a touchscreen and building something truly beautiful, it opened a plethora of information, services and content that could be delivered right to your palm. And THAT, through tiny, unassuming icons on the screen. Icons that helped build billion dollar companies. Icons that created a new generation of developers. And icons that defined our everyday lives.




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Our answer to changing the world

O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention. – William Shakespeare

If there is one quality that has been celebrated and hailed by visionaries throughout time, it is the sanctity of invention. The spark of creation that had led to humanity’s triumph over innumerable threats and inconveniences – from disease to boredom, Continue Reading →


Making of Rewind III: Manufacturing!

Make. Check for awesomeness. Repeat. 

This, is manufacturing. And we are here to give you a glimpse of how Rewind is going through this process as we speak.

In our last post, we left you with a surreal picture of our manufacturing team, scaling the length and breadth of this country to find reliable manufacturing partners. Continue Reading →


Ahoy! At long last, we unshackle the wittiness!

Hello World!

Once upon a time in the jungles of Poschim Medinipur (West Bengal), lived a group of people surviving on half-fried eggs and custom-cooked instant noodles. They would meet up in dark alleys, abandoned lab basements and unaffordable cafes to discuss ideas. Ideas, they believed could change the way people do things. The group expanded, and so did the horizon of these ideas. On a plot of Excitement v/s Time, the graph stayed on an exponential growth. The small problem creeped in only when they introduced the “Feasibility” variable in this equation. The time axis broke, and it remained halted for nearly an year and half. In the time-space continuum the founding members of the group met; only this time with a lot more conviction, maturity, and of course, excitement. And so, Witworks was born. Continue Reading →